Our Team

Dave Fisher

President & CEO

Dave’s vision for Denver Cold Storage and Denver Logistics is the heart of our operations. His 26 years of experience in the supply chain industry has been built from the ground up. Beginning with his initial days working in the warehouse, to the first truck purchase of the fleet, his commitment to servicing our customers has been the forefront of everything we do here. Customer Service and Employee engagement are Dave’s obsession. When Dave isn’t manning the helm, he enjoys outdoor activities such as hunting, camping, and ATVs; traveling; and spending time with this family.

Gail Yoder

Director of Office Administration

Gail has been with DCS for 14 years and has lended her expertise in multiple areas of the company. Gail particularly enjoys the way her department works directly with our customers to aid them in discovering the optimal solution to whatever challenge they are facing. When Gail is not in the office, she enjoys traveling, sports, crafts, music, and family time.

Dave Heller

Director of Warehouse Operations

Dave’s 18+ years of experience here at DCS has afforded him a thorough knowledge of warehouse operations. Dave believes that when his department runs like a clean, organized machine that his employees feel valued and fulfilled and the customer reeps the benefits. In his leisure time Dave enjoys playing with his daughter, taking walks with his wife, and playing paintball.

Andrew Weiss

Director of HR & Compliance

Andrew’s 20 years of experience in the field keeps DCS on the cutting edge of solutions-oriented operations. His enthusiasm for creative problem solving translates into innovative solutions for customer’s special projects that necessitate careful vetting. Andrew is also responsible for compliance and believes that maintaining a healthy work environment is paramount for employee engagement. Outside of the office Andrew enjoys traveling, hiking, cycling, and is a self-proclaimed “foodie.”

Roman Rybaltouski

Maintenance Operations

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Terry Smythe

Transportation Manager

In Terry’s 18 years with Denver Cold Storage and Denver Logistics, he has experienced the supply chain from both the warehousing and the transportation roles. Terry believes his department’s greatest contribution to the supply chain is ensuring the timely pickup and delivery of our customer’s product as well as the safe transportation of that product to its final destination. When he’s not in the office, Terry enjoys spending time with his family and friends.

Robert Wertz

Fleet Maintenance Manager

Bobby brings 15 years of fleet maintenance experience to Denver Logistics. His passion is the thorough care and preventative maintenance of the equipment on which we depend to deliver on our commitments. In his free time Bobby enjoys boating, fishing, ATVs, and spending time with his family.

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